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DBVI Referral

When to refer to DBVI / VABVI:

When an individual presents with any of these issues related to their vision loss:

  • Difficulty completing work tasks: reading the computer screen, reading paperwork/reports, completing tasks that require visual discrimination...
  • Need assistance with finding employment, obtaining training / education
  • Difficulty completing school related tasks
  • Difficulty completing homemaker tasks: cooking, shopping, paying bills, laundry, cleaning, sewing...
  • Difficulty performing activities of daily living: personal hygiene, grooming, dressing, using the phone...
  • Difficulty accessing community activities, completing hobbies, recreational activities
  • Unable to drive
  • Unable to travel independently
  • Difficulty with hearing
  • Difficulty with independently managing personal medical needs: managing prescriptions, monitoring blood sugars, measuring insulin, taking blood pressure
  • Needs eye surgery/treatment and has no health insurance
  • Difficulty adjusting to vision loss
  • Difficulty with glare

Please do not hesitate to refer anyone you believe could benefit from services.

DBVI Referral Form 

Or Contact DBVI or VABVI
Contact Information

Burlington: (800)-708-7703 or (800)-639-5861
Montpelier: (800)-708-7681 or (877)-350-8838
Rutland: (800)-708-7712 or (877)-350-8839
Springfield: (800)-356-1526 or (877)-350-8840 (Brattleboro)