iOS 10 now offers magnifier function for iPhone and iPad

30 November 2016

iOS 10 Hidden Feature: The Magnifier

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When Apple released iOS 10, the latest system software for the iPhone/iPad, it made a big deal out of the major features, like a redesigned Music app and contextual predictions in autocorrect.

But Apple’s engineer elves worked for a year to overhaul iOS 10, and they’ve planted lots of hidden gems. Today, I’m happy to present another of the best iOS 10 features that Apple forgot to mention.

Oh, man, this is great: You can triple-click the Home button to turn the iPhone into the world’s best electronic magnifying glass. Perfect for dim restaurants, tiny type on packages, and theater programs. You can zoom in, turn on the flashlight, tweak the contrast—the works.

To set this up, open Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Magnifier.

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