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Opportunity for Blind or Legally Blind Individual at the Waterbury Cafe

Are You Interested in Food Service and You are Blind or Legally Blind? 

The Waterbury Café at 280 State Drive is looking for a qualified individual to run the café! 

This opportunity is for a motivated individual with a strong commitment to customer service and an interest in running a food service Cafe. The Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired has many years of experience partnering with individuals to make opportunities like this a reality. The Business Enterprise Program is designed to help individuals that are blind or legally blind to operate food service in state or federal property. 

The partnership allows the individual to have support while learning all aspect of running a successful customer focused Café. We are looking for a candidate that is customer service oriented, strives to provide high quality food service, and a team player with a positive attitude. 

The current required hours of operation for the Café are 7:30am to 1:30pm. Hours may increase based on building attendance. The Operator will ensure staffing during all hours of operation which includes a minimum of a 40 hours work week for the Operator. 

To apply, candidates must be blind or legally blind and a United States citizen. If interested in this opportunity, please send the following to Kaelyn Modrak, BEP Manager, with the following:  

  1. Resume 
  2. Letter of interest (which must include answers to the questions below) and a resume to Kaelyn Modrak by 4:00 PM on May 20, 2022. These should be sent to her by email at kaelyn.modrak @vermont.go
  3. The letter of interest should include answers to the following questions: 
  • What interests you about this position? 
  • What skills do you have that will help you in this position? 
  • What experience do you have with food and customer service? 
  • What is your commitment to continuous learning? 
  • What is your philosophy for creating a team environment? 
  • How would you provide excellent customer service at the Cafe? 
  • How do you handle conflicts and problem solving?