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Katrine Hughes' Success Story

Katrine Hughes, LICSW, MSW, has been legally blind since birth. She is a therapist and coach currently practicing in Rutland, Vermont. She is a licensed independent clinical social worker and has provided psychotherapy and coaching services in California and Vermont over the last 26 years. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Sociology at Castleton University and earned her Masters in Social Work at San Francisco State University.

Derek's Success Story

Driving through the back roads of Topsham, VT, it’s not easy to miss Flint Motorsports, as the lot is almost entirely covered by small machinery: lawn mowers, small tractors, and snowblowers. Some of which are housed there permanently, but most have recently been repaired and are getting ready to be shipped back to a Home Depot or Tractor Supply located throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.

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